2016 – Barbara Sullivan, Krisanne Baker, Michelle Hauser

Barbara Sullivan

Monhegan is a special place. I loved being where many of my favorite painters had been before me, to experience the island at a different time but yet imbued with so much history and independence and to see the mechanical workings of Monhegan in the present. For example how re-cycling is handled and the power plant, how the library is run, all these things made an impact on me. I often heard painters speak of “the light” and I ended up making work about the light literally, before there was power, about the oil lamps, and then also about the refracted light of cameras and the magnified light of binoculars. I was drawn to make work, objects about “the light” — site specific to Monhegan as a place.

Tall Brass Oil Lamp

Tall Brass Oil Lamp, 2016

Website:  caldbeck.com

Krisanne Baker

The residency totally met my expectations. I was completely inspired by the varying atmospheres, sometimes clear, sometimes foggy. The clarity of the water and my underwater viewings were stimulating, mesmerizing, and what I had hoped for.

Night Painting, 2016

Night Painting, 2016

Website:  krisannebaker.com

Michelle Hauser

On Monhegan, I began by developing a group of paintings derived from my daily and nightly experiences of exploring, hiking, and observing the ocean while sketching and drawing. At night I often found my way down to Lobster Cove to study the unsullied night sky illuminated by stars.

untitled, 2016

untitled, 2016

Website: michelle-hauser.com