1993 – David Vickery and Eileen Gillespie

David Vickery

"Monhegan Mowers", oil on panel , 19 1/2″ x  15″, 2011

I’ve been working from my Cushing, Maine, studio since 1991. My work is about the merger of nature and culture – an attempt to make sense of our place in the world. I look at interior spaces and our imprint on the landscape with an eye for the imperfect, quirky, and sometimes elegant adaptations we’ve made in order to live here.

“While I usually just paint whatever interests me, the work that results inevitably ends up integrating the natural world with the man-made. I seem to have an inner agenda, which is always seeking a harmony between the two, as well as a need to reconcile the inner, psychological world with the outer world of everyday experience and optical fact.”


Eileen Gillespie

Eileen Gillespie’s work deals with structure and light found in architectural and natural surroundings. Her drawings and paintings focus on pattern, geometry, and composition nurturing a long fascination with the abstract qualities of natural and man-made forms and the material effects of light. A year studying in Rome with the European Honors Program at Rhode Island School of Design, where she earned her BFA, marked the genesis of a career-long interest in architecture and structure in nature as a subject for her work. She received her MFA in painting at the University of Pennsylvania. Gillespie’s awards include a visiting artist position at the American Academy in Rome, a residency at the Millay Colony for the Arts and a Fellowship at the Carina House on Monhegan Island, Maine. She is the recipient of a 2004 Artist Fellowship form the Massachusetts Cultural Counsel.

Ms. Gillespie has exhibited in numerous solo shows in Boston and Maine and many group shows throughout the northeast. Her work may be found in the collections of The Boston Athenaeum, Fidelity Investments, Wellington Management Company, Mount Sinai Hospital, and the Hertz Corporation among others.

"Portsmouth Span," 2003, charcoal on paper 45" x 29"

Eileen Gillespie was born in New York City and has lived and worked as a professional artist in Maine, New York, Boston and Connecticut. She currently divides her time between Maine and the Connecticut Shoreline with her husband and young son.

 “The interplay between form and light, structure and surroundings that I originally found in architecture, now, more than two decades later, appears in the trees and the woods that surround my studio. Trees are my current subject. The texture and pattern in the bark, their place in the landscape and their physical presence all appeal to my sensibility. I’m drawn to the massive forms often in contrast with graceful lines and gestures that span these majestic structures. My drawings and paintings represent a continued interest in form, pattern and structure in landscape.”