1994 – Nathaniel Udell and Monique Silverman

Nathaniel Udell

Monhegan, 1994

Nathaniel Udell began making photographs while studying Music History at the University of Vermont. Upon graduation he moved to Maine and enrolled in the Resident Program at the Maine Photographic Workshops, where he later worked as a teaching assistant and lab manager.

Today, Udell lives in Seattle where he continues to pursue photography, as well as drawing and print making. He currently works for Benham Studio Gallery in Seattle and intends to begin graduate studies in the Fall of 1998. His work has been exhibited at Maine Coast Artists in Rockport, and at locations in Vermont and Seattle. His work appears in the permanent collection of the Farnsworth Museum and in several private collections throughout the East Coast.

60 Dudley St., #17
Chelsea MA 02150


Monique Silverman

Monique Silverman completed her M.F.A. in photography and integrated media at the California Institute of Arts in 1998 and now lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she is an artist, educator, and counselor. Her photographic practice addresses identity in the context of place. Writing about her earlier experience on Monhegan, she notes:

“When I fantasize about creating the perfect situation in which to make art, I remember my time on Monhegan and yearn to reproduce it. The solitude, the time, and the quiet allowed me the opportunity to solidify my own creative process. My work was altered by my time on the island, as I was challenged to think about what it means to make pictures in the landscape.”