1995 – Martha Miller and Joe Kievitt

Martha Miller

Joanna and Son, 2004 Oil and pastel on paper 30" x 22" Collection of the artist

I am an artist who lives in Portland and Woolwich, Maine: my apartment and studio are in Portland where I work during the week, and I go home to my house in the woods of Woolwich for the weekends. It’s a great balance!

“In making a portrait, I attempt to reveal something of the psychological and emotional depth of the individual, but also something more archetypal — what it means to be human — to have a past, passions, and a spirit.

Using bits of the surrounding room to set a stage, the resulting work is influenced by many layers of stimuli including such factors as mood, conversation, images on the studio wall and music, as well as images from memories and dreams. I use all these scattered and changing sources much like a novelist to pull together a story on the page.

My self-portraits are born of this same process, and are part of an on-going spiritual and emotional diary.”


Joe Kievitt

untitled, ink on paper, 20”x20” 2008

Joe Kievitt was born and raised on the coast of Maine where drawing from the landscape was a significant part of his life. Living in San Francisco and New York, Joe discovered his affection for abstract art. He currently lives and works in Portland, Maine. Joe is represented by Miller Block Gallery in Boston and Richard Levy Gallery in Albuquerque and has exhibited works throughout the U.S. He has also completed numerous public art projects in Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. When not making art, Joe works as a wood worker and carpenter. In the fall of 2010, Joe attended the Anderson Ranch Residency Program.