2002 – Kelli LK Haines and Carol Sloane

Kelli LK Haines

Gull Rock

Kelli LK Haines works primarily with 4×5 format photography, using a 1952 Crown Graflex with slow-speed black and white film. Straight photography can best describe her style. Preferring to do the majority of her work in-camera results in strong negatives, allowing for more creativity in the darkroom. While the main focus of her work is architectural landscape, she is also known for her intensive portraiture. Also a talented painter, Ms. Haines has developed a unique style of painted photographs.

A lifelong student of photography, she also had as a mentor, noted photographer Todd Webb. She was awarded grants by the State of Maine to study at the Maine Photographic Workshops and has exhibited throughout New England and the Southeast. Ms. Haines was formerly a teacher of photography at CPAC of UMA in Lewiston, ME. In Maine, she is represented by the Lupine Gallery on Monhegan and the Galeyrie in Falmouth.

P.O. Box 163
833 Port Clyde Road
Port Clyde, Maine 04855


Carol Sloane

"Pulsation," 40" x 44," Oil on canvas, 2001

“I have come to realize that “path following” is a compelling and provocative process for me. The passage of time, the filtering of light and shadows, the meditations that percolate through my mind when I walk have all become parts of my personal documentation.

I walk often, in all kinds of weather and in all kinds of places. I have built an extended series of works, including three 25′, scrolls with oil sticks on paper, tracking my perambulations. I want my work to convey the joys and insights that I internalize when I walk, my paths and experiences to be anybody’s roads.

I paint in oil on canvas and I work in oil sticks on panel or on 140 lb watercolor paper. I work from photographs and from life.”

P.O.Box 205
Washington, ME 04574
207-845-2597 (phone)
207-845-2821 (fax)