2004 – Sasha White and Robert Pollien

Sasha White

Sasha White studied art at Bowdoin College in Maine and Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, before serving as a curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Maine College of Art. A print maker, who specializes in “low-tech” approaches to the medium, White has also taught printmaking in Venice, Italy. Her graphic work on Monhegan related to a drawing project where she explored “things that move through the air: birds, insects, seeds. Composition, material choice, and the quality of the mark respond to how and where I find these ‘movers.’” She exhibited her work in both the Carina House exhibition in 2006 and the MARC@20 exhibition, held to inaugurate the new residency studio space. For the latter show, White recollected that her island residency:

“. . . shifted how I work, drawing much more in the field, spending time waiting and watching and allowing my “subjects” to unfold themselves into my work. In the longer term, it has challenged me to redefine my sense of audience and community; asking me for whom I make art and what my responsibilities as an artist are. It has, at times, led me away from art into the practice of yoga and bodywork, the study of plants and birds, the growing of food and the making of medicine.”

Robert Pollien

"Otter Point," 14" x 13", oil on linen

Rob earned his M.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania under the noted Maine landscape painter Neil Welliver and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. A former Artist in Residence at Acadia National Park, Rob was awarded a Maine Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship in painting and has been a Carina House Resident on Monhegan Island. His work is included in Art of the Maine Islands by Arnold Skolnick and Carl Little. Pollien’s paintings are in numerous corporate, public and private collections. Rob is represented by the Dowling Walsh Gallery, Rockland, Maine.