2009 – Daniel Corey

"Morning in Friendship," Oil on Linen, 24" x 30"

“I am a traditional painter rooted in the aesthetic values of the Ashcan School and the impressionists of the Cape Cod School of Art. Mostly inspired by light quality, color harmony and abstract shapes, my paintings are created from direct observation. I really enjoy the challenge of painting nontraditional views/subjects and finding the beauty in them, along with the views that make Maine, Maine.

What I hope to accomplish during my residency on Monhegan is most simply stated as growth. I believe the time and surroundings provided through this residency will allow me to really focus on what makes my paintings mine and what makes me, me. Being familiar with the rich art history of the island and the part some of my personal painting heroes have had in it, would make this residency very special to me. I find this a priceless opportunity to experience the scenes they painted and walk in their footsteps, while having the time to paint my own personal view of the island and hopefully leaving a few footprints of my own. Keeping track of this experience through a daily journal is another task I have set for myself if selected, and will make a full copy available to the Monhegan Residency Corporation to share as they wish.”