1992 – Janet Conlon Manyan and Gary Ambrose

Janet Conlon Manyan

"Daffodils with Fruit,"  Oil on Canvas 9"x11" 2008

510 Ferry Road
Saco, Maine 04072

Gary Ambrose

Blue Closure 120"L x 36"W x 29"H Beechwood and paint 2003

In writing about his working process for the 2006 Carina House residency catalog, Ambrose underscored how essential the landscape of Maine is to his working method:

“My creative process begins with hiking and climbing in the western mountains of Maine and sailing to coastal islands. I seek to be in motion in the vocabulary of landscape . . . I look for a bonding, a feeling of import that is not cognitive and understood but intuitive and mysterious.”

A resident of Maine since the mid 1970s, when he founded the fine arts curriculum at Hebron Academy, Gary Ambrose has had a long career as an educator in the arts. He is currently professor of sculpture and three-dimensional design at the Maine College of Art.