2014 – Victoria Statsenko, Scott Minzy, & Jan ter Weele

Victoria Statsenko

Victoria Statsenkoi

Work in progress during 2014 residency

I harness the power of perception as both tool and subject. By selectively painting on digitally printed textiles, I am able to generate an immediate and immersive optical experience. Linear geometric form is the foundation to my image making, providing a structured surface for the eye to freely roam without an opportunity to settle.

Contact: vpstatsenko@gmail.com
Website: victoriastatsenko.com

Scott Minzy

Ever since I stole my fathers copy of Moby Dick, not to read it but to obsess over the illustrations, I have been fascinated by the legend of Rockwell Kent. A biography of Kent describes his prints in the following way:

“Many of the prints seem to depict humanity in a struggle to capture ultimate reality, to penetrate into the mystery of the dark night of the universe, and to discover the reasons for existence. Over the Ultimate is a tragic but, at the same time, heroic conception.”


Scott Minzy (Fellow 2014), Cassandra Complex, 2014, linocut

Website: scottminzy.com

Jan ter Weele

I have always painted a lot, 5 or 6 days a week, but my hours have been inconsistent. During my residency I followed a fairly strict schedule which I have now carried over into my daily practice, getting started early and going into the early afternoon. As for my painting, color has become increasingly important to me. I’m also simplifying more to make paintings that are primitive and powerful, a direction
 I intend to pursue

Monhegan #12, oil on canvas, 2014

Website: janterweele.com