Emily Leonard Trenholm, "Manana in the Afternoon" (2012 Fellow)
Kenny Cole, "Bait Barrels, Monhegan" (2012 Fellow)
Mercedes Gilbert, "Manana," (Fellow 2007)
Alina Gallo, "Weather System I," (Fellow 2011)
Phil Poirier, "Mystery Pool," (Fellow 1996)
David Higgins, "Harbor View," (Fellow 2005)
Jim Dugan, "South of Gull Rock," (Fellow 1991)
Daniel J. Corey, "Fisherman's Memorial on Monhegan Island," (Fellow 2009)
Sarah Sorg, "Goodwill," (Fellow 2008)
Joe Kievitt, Untitled, (Fellow 1995)
Terry Hilt, "Champlain Mountain II," (Fellow 2005)
Lynn Travis, "Red Paintbrush," (Fellow 2000)
Sarah Knock, "Sunrise - July," (Fellow 1989)
Jim Dugan, "View from the Lighthouse," (Fellow 1991)
View from the Cemetery, Monhegan Island
Janet Conlon Manyan, Untitled, (Fellow 1992)
Susan Bennett, "Knot Bombs," (Fellow 2003)
Marguerite Payne Robichaux, "Sandy River Farms," (Fellow 1990)
"Glorious Goats of Manana, Monhegan Island," Photograph by Alina Gallo
Carol Sloane, "South West Shore - Rocks View Matinicus," (Fellow 2002)

The Monhegan Artists’ Residency is a program for emerging Maine visual artists. It is designed to provide easier access to the artistic traditions and creative community on Monhegan Island, including the opportunity for creative experimentation and exploration. The program offers living quarters, studio space, and a $100 per week stipend for a five-week period, usually scheduled for the last week in May through the end of June and/or the end of August through the first of October. In 2013 there will be an new two-week residency for Maine art teachers. Please see “How to Apply” page for more details. There is no requirement to produce a body of work, although the residency should be viewed as an outstanding opportunity for artistic development.

The residency is specifically for:

  • Artists with limited financial resources who otherwise could not afford an extended stay on Monhegan
  • Visual artists only, defined as anyone engaged in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, new media or photography as may be appropriate to the island setting and facilities available
  • Enhancing the careers of serious artists who have yet to win wide recognition for their work

Artists are selected through an application process by a jury of art professionals. Quality of work is the primary criterion for selection.

How to Apply >>

The Monhegan Artists’ Residency program is offering three residencies in 2013. The dates are as follows:

Saturday, June 1 to Friday, July 5th

Saturday, July 6 to Friday, July 20th  (For Maine art teachers only)

Saturday, August 31 to Friday, October 4th

The deadline for application submissions is a postmarked date of Friday, March 15th

The program is administered by the Monhegan Artists’ Residency Corporation (MARC), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and its board of directors. The Residency is funded by donations from individuals and organizations, grants, and sponsorships. Support MARC >>


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